WISP Wireless Side Plate

$ 44.99

This wireless side plate allows mounting a wireless drop box beside the battery when used with a compatible back plate or battery plate that includes a side plate mount.

Compatible Back & Battery Plates:

Anton/Bauer: QR DSR, QR SDH, QR HOTSWAP GM, QR HOTSWAP AR, QR EX3, QR-C80P, Universal BP, Varicam BP, JVC-BP or any other Gold Mount with a side plate mount

BEC-700BPU (also known as BEC-700BP) 

DM-Accessories WDBP WSBP

Compatible Wireless Drop Boxes:

All wireless receiver boxes sold by Anton/Bauer and The BEC Group.

Compatible Angle Plates:

Angle plates wrap around to stack accessories behind the battery instead of beside it.


Many other products may be compatible, please contact us if you are unsure.

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