Authorized Resellers

Here is a list of dealers that DM-Accessories supplies. Please contact a nearby dealer for available stock first, especially if the part is needed urgently.

North America

United States

Campbell Cameras in southern Illinois.  They offer the Canon Mini Shoe Adapters, WAM adapters and EX3 reinforcement plates.

Comprehensive Technical Group in Atlanta, Georgia, Little Rock, Arkansas and in the New Orleans, Louisiana area, offering the DM-Accessories EX3 shoulder mounts and other EX accessories.

B & H Photo Video in New York, NY

L.A. Music Services is a specialty retailer in Torrance, California. They offer AIS- and CMS- type microphone mounts.


DV Shop resells DM-Accessories mic mounts in Toronto, Ontario.

Vistek offers several DM-Accessories products from several locations in Canada.




Le Petit Monde de Couillaler stocks a variety of DM-Accessories shoe mounts for Sony Handycam Active Interface Shoe.

Red Dot Photo Video stocks a variety of DM-Accessories shoe mounts for Handycam, Canon Vixia and universal mounts.


RoVoTech offers the MIS-SHOE for sale.


PhotoVideo Norway AS sells various shoe mounts.


Light + Byte in Switzerland offers a variety of adapters.


Pinjong AB  offers the EX3-PLATE and some other items.