International Policies

This page has about customs and shipping for non-US customers.

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Customs Customs, duties and other taxes may be applied by the destination country’s government to packages at random. DM-Accessories has no control over the amount or whether it is applied.

This store ships to most countries. If you do not find your country supported at checkout, please use the email in the “Contact Us” link. Your destination should be added quickly, usually the same day of request

Packages to destinations outside the United States is sent by United States Postal Service’s First Class International by default. Usually, you should get the package within a week of shipping, but unfortunately, about two percent of the international packages are delayed such that it takes as much as twenty (20) days to arrive. This is completely beyond our control and there is no tracking number available. The delays may be due to delays in the postal system or backlogs in customs, but this information is not available to us either.

Any package that does not arrive in three weeks will be considered lost in the mail and re-sent.

If you need faster than one week service, please contact us with the info from the “Contact Us” page and we can make arrangements. For some countries, there already is a Priority Mail International and Express Mail International shipping option.

Shipping cost varies by weight and destination, but small items like the FLAT-based adapters should be $7 to anywhere outside the US. HC1-SHIM should be $10 to $11, depending on destination.

International packages will normally be shipped within the next two business days. The buyer will normally be notified of any delay longer than two business days.