Shoe Mount Types

There are a few different types of shoe mounts.

ISO Mount
The ISO shoe mount is often called the “universal shoe”. The ISO mount is the basic physical shape of the shoe mount, and that basic shape is the most common kind of shoe. The ISO mount can be “cold” types with no electrical contacts, no power, video, audio or flash trigger signal is passed. There are also “hot” types of ISO mounts, many of them are specific to certain brands. Those concerned about compatibility between different brands of products should carefully consider their purchases.

Minolta MAXXUM “i” Mount
Minolta “i” mount devices usually have the letter “i” in the product name or model number. It is incompatible with ISO mounts or any other mount. If a Minolta “i” mount is needed, please email via “contact us” to try a prototype version.

IAS, AIS and other “Hot” Shoes
Sony has at least three non-standard shoe mounts, Active Interface Shoe (AIS), Intelligent Accessory Shoe (IAS), and “Sony Intelligent Shoe”. The Sony Intelligent Accessory Shoe and Intelligent Shoe are both hot shoes based on the “ISO” universal shoe standard. Be sure to check the camera which kind of shoe mount it has. Most other camera brands’ hot shoe designs are based on the universal shoe design.