This collection of products are for those either compatible with Panasonic AG-AF100 and AG-AF101 cameras, or compatible with products designed to work with these cameras.

AF100-PLATE adapter plate for Panasonic AG-AF100
AF100-SHOULDER Shoulder kit for Panasonic AF100
BEC-185 for Lectrosonics 185, 187 and 190
BEC-500 Wireless box for Sennheiser EW 100 and 500
BEC-AZ320 for Azden 320 and 330
BEC-NFD Nano Flash Drop Box
BNC Panel for Shoulder Plate
DMA-195 for Lectrosonics 195 and more
Handle for shoulder kits

Handle for shoulder kits

$ 119.99 - $ 141.99


Quick Release Plate for Shoulder Pads
Shoulder Kit Front Plate
Shoulder Plate Shim
VCT-LP-RM Long Plate Mount for VCT Quick Release Mounts, with optional mounting for rods