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AIS-CUBE v.2 - Multipoint Horizontal & Vertical Universal Shoe Mount
AIS-FLAT v2 - Universal shoe mount for Sony camcorders with AIS mount
CUBE - multi point shoe accessory mount
FLAT - Cold shoe mount for tripods
HC1-SHIM - low profile adapter for Sony HC1 and Sony A1
HV10-SHIM - low profile shim for Canon HV10
PROAT - bottom loading adapter for professional tripods
PROAT-MINI - bottom loading adapter for professional tripods
PROT - Tripod Adapter for most bottom loading camcorders
PROT-MINI tripod adapter for compact palm camcorders
SAB - Symmetrical Accessory Bar
UNI-CUBE - multi-point mount for universal shoe mounts
UNI-FLAT - Riser for SLRs and other universal shoe devices
Pro Series Base Plate

Pro Series Base Plate

$ 11.99 - $ 14.99


Shim Adapter Captive Scew Replacement
Shoe Adapter Washer Kit
HC1-SHIM Pad Option
FX1-FLAT - a replacement shoe mount for FX1 & Z1
BOT-FLAT Handle or Underside Camera Shoe Mount
CMS-FLAT v2 - Canon Mini Accessory Shoe to Universal Shoe Adapter
CMS-CUBE v.2 - Canon Mini Shoe to Multipoint Universal Shoe Adapter
EX-FLAT - Shoe Mounts for Sony EX1 & EX3 Cameras
Wrap Around Mount 25 for Canon FS10, FS100, others
EX3-PLATE Reinforcement Plate for EX3 Cameras
EX3-SHOULDER Shoulder Brace For EX3 Cameras
VCT-SP (VCT-WEDGE) Mount for VCT Quick Release Mounts
BATT-AB-EX Anton Bauer Gold Mount plate for EX1, EX1R, EX3, Z280
PBP Pivoting Back Plate Upgrade for shoulder kits
BATT-VL-EX V-Lock Battery Mount plate for EX Cameras
EX3-SHOULDER upgrade for EX3-PLATE
BEC-500 Wireless box for Sennheiser EW 100 and 500
BATT-2BPU-EX - Dual BP-U battery plate with EX power cable