EX3 Products

These are all products designed to work with Sony’s PMW-EX3 XDCAM EX(a.k.a. EX3) camcorder. More products will be listed soon. Some products require others to mount to the EX3, please read the descriptions or contact us for clarification.

EX3-PLATE Reinforcement Plate for EX3 Cameras
EX3-SHOULDER Shoulder Brace For EX3 Cameras
EX3-TI Replacement Tripod Insert for EX3
EX-FLAT - Shoe Mounts for Sony EX1 & EX3 Cameras
Quick Release Plate for Shoulder Pads
VCT-SP (VCT-WEDGE) Mount for VCT Quick Release Mounts
VCT-LP Long Plate Mount for VCT Quick Release Mounts
Handle for shoulder kits

Handle for shoulder kits

$ 119.99 - $ 141.99


EX3 Audio Switch Guard
BATT-1BPU - Battery plate for Sony BP-U and compatible batteries
BATT-2BPU-EX - Dual BP-U battery plate with EX power cable
BATT-AB-EX Anton Bauer Gold Mount plate for EX1, EX1R, EX3, Z280
BATT-VL-EX V-Lock Battery Mount plate for EX Cameras
Anton/Bauer PowerTap Multi 4-Jack Splitter
CORD-EX - Power Cord with EX Compatible Right Angle Connector
CORD-EX-EXT Extension Cord for EX cameras
CORD-EX-Y - Two input Power Cord with EX Right Angle Connector
CORD-PTAP-EX - Power TAP Power Cord
JACK-EX-PM Panel mount jack for EX connectors
EX3-SHOULDER upgrade for EX3-PLATE
PBP Pivoting Back Plate Upgrade for shoulder kits
UNI-SAB Accessory Mount Bar for Universal Shoe Mounts
WSBP - Wireless Standard Back Plate
BOT-FLAT Handle or Underside Camera Shoe Mount
Cable Clip for Shoulder Kits
VCT-LP-RM Long Plate Mount for VCT Quick Release Mounts, with optional mounting for rods
DMA-195 for Lectrosonics 195 and more
BEC-500 Wireless box for Sennheiser EW 100 and 500
BEC-185 for Lectrosonics 185, 187 and 190
BEC-NFD Nano Flash Drop Box
BEC-AZ320 for Azden 320 and 330
BNC Panel for Shoulder Plate