UM2 Hot End Heater Block

$ 29.99

This heater block is intended to be used with other DM-Accessories heat sink upgrades for Ultimaker 2/2+/Ext/Go 3D printers. This block has been tested up to 400˚C and still works great for more conventional printable plastics such as PLA, PETG and ABS.

This heater block requires a 3mm temperature sensor cartridge and a 4mm heater cartridge. The hex is 8mm across and 6mm long, useful for a stabilizing wrench when switching nozzles.

Also compatible with E3D hot end and extruder assemblies: v5, v6, Aqua, Aero, Chimera, Kraken, clones and competitors using M6 threads.

This listing is for the bare block with a cartridge clamping screw. Any nozzles, sensors, heaters, heat breaks and cold ends shown for comparison and perspective, and are not included.

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