Standard Shoulder Kit

$ 249.99 - $ 329.99

This shoulder kit is designed for camcorders, small video cameras and SLR cameras without needing additional accessories.  It includes a front plate and a standard shoulder plate.  The version with pivoting back plate also includes a cable clip for managing two cables and a pivoting plate with pivot latch clip.  Any camera where its tripod hole is less than 5" / 125mm from the back edge of the camera is compatible.  Be sure to consider the length of the battery when measuring for compatibility.

This shoulder kit was also tested well with Sony's PMW-100 and PMW-200. Please see the last two photos below. Optional accessories are shown in those images.

No battery plates are included.

This kit is NOT compatible with EX3 cameras, see the EX3-SHOULDER kit.  EX1, EX1R, F3, PMW-300 cameras need an adapter / reinforcement plate to protect the camera's tripod mount, which is included with the special shoulder kits for these cameras, see the appropriate side bar menu item to find them.

The shoulder plate is a comfortable, thick leather-wrapped foam that allows for many hours of continuous operation.

The pivoting plate allows the mounting of wireless drop boxes, a variety of battery plates and other kinds of camera accessories.  The pivoting feature allows the weight of a battery to tilted back to counterbalance the weight of the camera.  A typical battery would project about 20cm / 8" behind the back of the camera operator.

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