Shoe Adapter Washer Kit

$ 2.99

These washer kits are for the original AIS-FLAT, CMS-FLAT and UNI-FLAT, AIS-CUBE, CMS-CUBE and UNI-CUBE.  The v.2 adapters (with the separate knob) do not need this kit.

This kit includes replacement thin washer shims, rubber tensioning washer and thick spacer washer, should these parts be lost or need replacement.

The washer kit for AIS adapters is compatible with AIS-CUBE and AIS-FLAT adapters.
The washer kit for UNI adapters is compatible with UNI-FLAT and UNI-FLAT adapters.

Please note
These parts are already included with these adapters. It is usually not necessary to order a separate washer kit unless the original kit is lost.

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