$ 20.00 - $ 100.00

This is for non-warranty repairs, which would be for repairing items older than one year, or a misused or abused product. Please get a quote before ordering. Once quoted, choose the quoted item or price in the drop down box.

"Shoulder Pad Repair" assumes the user sends at their cost, their existing shoulder plate for repair of the leather covered foam pad on their DM-Accessories standard shoulder plate. The repaired shoulder plate will usually be sent back within a week of receipt.

"Shoulder Pad DIY" is a replacement pad for all DM-Accessories standard shoulder pads sold since 2010. Email for replacements for long shoulder pads. The DIY kit assumes the user has their own adhesive or heavy duty Velcro™ and knows how to safely use and apply the adhesive or fastening system.

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