PROAT - bottom loading adapter for professional tripods

$ 49.99 - $ 53.99

This bottom loading adapter features an adapter mount bar and has a convenient thumbscrew for quickly removing the camera from the adapter for easy packing or run and gun shooting.

The accessory mount bar is a place to mount accessories with a 1/4”-20 type screw that would otherwise attach to the tripod mount point on the camcorder. Adapters known to be compatible with this mount bar are: Bescor VB-50, DM-Accessories SAB series mounts, Canon SA-1 universal shoe mount, Sony HVL-20DMA dual light, Sony HVL-IRM Night Shot Video Light and Sony VCT-S30L Cold Shoe Adapter.

The second picture shows the PROAT with an HC1 camcorder and a folding shoe adapter. The third picture shoes the PROAT with an HVR-A1 camcorder and complete audio and light rigging, as shown at the NAB 2006 expo. The fourth picture shows that the PROAT is a perfect match for Beachtek’s DXA-2S XLR adapter. The camcorder and other accessories are not included with the PROAT.

Base Plates
The standard base is about 2.25” wide and 3” long (5.7cm x 7.6cm). The large base is about 3” wide and 5.25” long (7.6cm x 13.3cm), and allows for easie free-standing placement on any flat, horizontal surface with most light camcorders.

Those wanting to use it with an HV10, Optura, Elura or other narrow-bodied bottom loading camcorder should look at the PROAT-MINI .

The accessory mount bar is not removable. If the accessory mount bar is not desired, please click here for info on the PROT.

The parts are machined aluminum and powder coated satin black with stainless steel hardware. The PROAT adapter weighs approximately 10oz / 285 grams. PROAT with large base is about 12oz / 340 grams.

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