PEEK filament plug for 2-in-1 hot ends, 1.75mm diameter x 300mm long

$ 2.99

When printing only one color on a color mixing hot end, use this as a plug for the other side of a 2-in-1 hot end to prevent molten plastic from pushing into the second side, and to prevent a second color from contaminating a single color print. For more than 2 color mixing heads, plugging each unused filament path into a mixing head is recommended.

The PEEK will not melt when printing PLA, PETG and ABS or other normal temperature plastics. Staying below 260˚C is recommended.

This is good for Cyclops, Diamond, Flex3Drive 2in1 Duo, or any other mixing style hot end for 1.75mm filaments.

This material is only available in 1.75mm diameter. The length provided is approximately 300mm. Please email to request other lengths.

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