MOAB 680 Large Build Volume 3D Printer

$ 29,999.00

Up to 680mm x 680mm x 680mm build volume, depending on extruder head and bed chosen.

Many options are extra.

Welded tubular steel frame, locking casters.

3mm or 1.75mm filament options, as well as a pellet extruder is available as an upgrade. Flexible extruder options. Standard Bondtech QR extruder with custom mount. Part cooling fan or nozzle ring light.

Genuine E3D with Volcano hot end. Available nozzles from multiple suppliers range from 0.3mm to 1.2mm, many sizes offered in brass, aluminum, hardened steel, many in plated or unplated. Plated nozzles are recommend.

Actively heated build volume up to 60˚C, and the build volume is lighted.

Stationary bed, cast & milled jig plate heatable up to 120˚C.

Aluminum XY motion platform, linear ball rail, modular carriage, quad Z ball screw motion platform positioning.

Stepper or servo motor driven crossing gantry XY mechanism, uses NEMA 23 form factor motors & external drivers powered from high voltage power supply. Stepper motor builds use 0.9˚ type step motors.

Full DIN rail electrical enclosure, 120V / 240V AC power input, selectable at build time, reconfigurable later by a qualified electrical technician. Dedicated 20A service recommended for 120VAC operation. Internal 24VDC main power system. Other options are 70VDC, 48VDC, 12VDC, 5VDC and other voltages are available depending on machine and component requirements.

MOAB 680 features a genuine Duet2 32-bit 3D printer controller, Wifi or Ethernet connectivity, and Duex for quad screw leveling and pellet extruder options.

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