JVC GY-HM6x0 Shoulder Kit

$ 309.99 - $ 369.99

The JVC GY-HM6x0 shoulder kit works well for JVC GY-HC500, GY-HM600, GY-HM620, GY-HM650, GY-HM660 and Panasonic AG-UX180PJ video cameras.

These shoulder kits include an adjustable reinforcement plate, a standard shoulder plate and a pivoting accessory plate with pivot latch clip mounts battery plates, wireless equipment and other accessories. One cable clip is included to manage two cables.

The shoulder plate is a comfortable, thick leather-wrapped foam that allows for many hours of continuous operation.

The pivoting feature of the pivoting accessory plate allows the weight of a battery to tilted back to counterbalance the weight of the camera.  A typical battery would project about 20cm / 8" behind the back of the camera operator when tilted back. The plate can be secured forward for stowing and tighter spaces.The accessory plate does not include any batteries, battery mounts, wireless drop boxes.

The adjustable reinforcement plate allows the camera to be moved forward, back or to the side depending on the operator's preferences.

The example images show Sony cameras but JVC cameras will mount the same way. Also shown in the example images are the VCT-LP, Anton/Bauer battery & battery plate, BEC 195 wireless receiver box.  These noted accessory items are not included in the shoulder kit.

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