HC1-SHIM - low profile adapter for Sony HC1 and Sony A1

$ 19.99

The HC1-SHIM-MOD allows the use of Sony’s HDR-HC1 and HVR-A1 camcorders on many small to medium sized tripods and still allow easy tape removal. All regional variations are supported.

This adapter will also work on many larger pro-sized tripods with quick release plates, provided the user is willing to eject the quick release plate before handling the tape.

The HC1-SHIM-MOD not only has multiple threaded holes for tripod mounting, it has additional threaded holes near the front to allow the use of a monopod without having to remove the tripod quick release plate. It also allows the use of the VB-50 mic & accessory mount on some tripods, as long as the tripod head is smaller than 1.5” / 4ccm from the mount screw to the front edge of the tripod head.

This adapter offers a zero-side offset mount hole for balancing rigs and rod / rail mount systems for matte boxes, 35mm adapters and similar.

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