Handle for shoulder kits

$ 119.99 - $ 141.99

The DM-Accessories shoulder kit handle is designed to give a comfortable, rigid carrying handle for the shoulder kit, and it locks the pivoting plate into a full vertical position.  This requires a shoulder kit with pivoting back plate for best results.

Vertical mounting is excellent for best wireless add-ons, receivers and transmitters such as a Telecast Fiber Copperhead.

Several 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded screws are offered for mounting lights, monitors, accessory arms and other equipment that use those threads.  Many 3mm screw threads are included for DM-Accessories cable clips.  A BOT-FLAT allows the use of shoe mount accessories on the handle.

The basic Handle product includes the handle and the necessary screws.  The Handle Kit includes one shoe mount and one cable clip.  One cable clip is already included with every shoulder kit with pivoting back plate.

The Handle weighs approximately 11oz / 310 grams.

None: powder coated handle. The handle is shaped for comfortable handling, but it is not padded.
Foam: with this option, the handle front will have a foam grip cover for better comfort. The foam grip will cover the front extension of the handle, hiding the threaded holes on the front of the camera. The foam grip can be purchased later.


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The photo below shows the handle installed onto items sold separately, a long shoulder plate and pivoting plate, also shows the shoe mount, a cable clip and a BATT-AB-EX Gold Mount battery plate.

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