NEX-FS100 Adapter / Reinforcement Plate

$ 79.99 - $ 89.99

This plate allows a Sony's NEX-FS100 to be mounted to a wide range of accessories, offering four common patterns for wedge plates and rod mounts, a universal rod mount hole pattern, and for quick release plates with the heavier duty 3/8" tripod thread, as well as the standard 1/4" tripod thread.  It is also compatible with the standard DM-Accessories shoulder kit.  This plate is included in the FS100 shoulder kit package, or the plate can be purchased now, and the shoulder kit is an option that can be purchased later.

This plate also works with Sony's NEX-FS700. The PXW-FS7 version is the same plate but with the mount plate machined to take the larger tripod screw the FS7 needs. This plate also includes the larger screw needed. The enlarged hole will be bare aluminum.

The plate shown also includes all the screws needed to securely mount it to the camera.

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