PBP Pivoting Back Plate Upgrade for shoulder kits

$ 79.99

NEW standard pivot clip to latch the plate rearwards.

This plate upgrades all DM-Accessories shoulder kits to provide a counterbalance and mounting for third party battery plates. The pivoting allows the battery’s weight to swing back and be used as a counterbalance. It is currently designed for Anton/Bauer Gold Mount and a V-Lock plate, most wireless drop boxes and includes several 1/4"-20 holes for other accessories. Battery and battery mount not included.

The pivoting back plate can mount up to two BP-U battery plates, which allows more of Sony's BP-U30 and BP-U60 batteries to be used on the shoulder kit to power the camera.  It will mount a two single or or one dual BP-U plate from DM-Accessories.

The pivoting back plate is also compatible with Nano Flash, please contact us to receive a mounting screw kit for your needs.

Several 1/4"-20 threaded holes are provided for special projects, later products and custom add-ons.

Pivot Clip

A pivot clip is now standard, so the plate can be latched rearward.  Without the clip, gravity holds the plate back.  The pivot clip was necessary for those shooting action and moving around a lot.

More of the original gray version is available for those with the original gray shoulder mount, contact us for more information.

All DM-Accessories shoulder kits are offered in a bundle that includes this plate, or the PBP can be orderded later, if the PBP version of the kit was not ordered originally.

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