Custom 60mm Long E3D Heat Sink, v5 or v6

$ 49.99

This 60mm heat sink is for unusual machines that need the extra long heat sinks. This heat sink is 10mm longer than standard E3D v5 heat sink and 17mm longer than E3D v6 hot end heat sink. This heat sink can be made in shorter versions, in increments of 2.5mm.

In the photo, from left to right: genuine E3D v5, genuine E3D v6, custom 20mm diameter 60mm long barrel, and four custom 60mm long barrels. One with a genuine E3D fan clip to show compatibility.

Please contact us with specific requirements or questions, such as bowden or for specific fittings. The v6 1.75mm is bowden and direct extrusion compatible, the others need small changes to be bowden compatible, and can be made for the flush coupler or other preferred coupler.

The 2.85mm version is also compatible with 3.00mm filament.

This item is made to order, please allow one week before shipping.

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