CORD-200 - Power Cord for PMW-100, 200 & 300

$ 14.99 - $ 46.99

CORD-200 is a 180cm (6ft) long cord for Sony PMW-100, PMW-200 and PMW-300 cameras, with a straight plug. The cord and plug body are flat black with a white stripe indicating the positive wire for the these cameras. If used on a battery plate, at least 10cm / 3" cord length will be taken inside the battery plate.

A right angle plug is available as a CORD-EX cable.

Basic version: The cord, heat shrink tubes and written installation instructions are included.  It is the user's responsibility to properly wire, secure and test the cord before using.  Using a qualified electrical /  electronic technician is recommended.  DM Accessories cannot be held responsible for user miswiring or insecure installation.  Detailed installation instructions are included.

D-TAP / P-TAP version:  The EX-CORD with a D-TAP / P-TAP plug on one end and an EX DC plug on the other end.

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