CMS-CUBE v.2 - Canon Mini Shoe to Multipoint Universal Shoe Adapter

$ 34.99 - $ 49.99

NEW: updated product with better ergonomics and ease of use, with new all-metal construction

This adapter converts Canon’s proprietary “Mini Advanced Shoe” shoe to a universal “cold” shoe. The Canon Vixia HF10, HF11, HF100, HF20, HF200, HG10 and HG20 camcorders are known to be compatible. HF M30, HF S10, HF S100 and similar are also compatible. Other Canon camcorders with the “Mini Advanced Shoe” should be compatible, but have not been tested yet. Those with HV20, HV30, HV40 or SLR cameras should look into the UNI-CUBE.

This adapter tightens down securely with an anodized aluminum knob, it will not rattle or fall out.

This multipoint adapter allows the user to mount devices vertically or horizontally, depending on the device. Some manuals for wireless devices recommend the antenna be oriented vertically for best reception, and CMS-CUBE easily allows this.

There is no electrical connection made with this adapter, it is a cold shoe mount only. The base of CMS-CUBE stays clear electrical contacts by a wide margin to protect against accidental contact. The shoe mount is aluminum with a powder coated finish.

The colors are offered for color matching reasons only, either adapter will work with any Canon Vixia camcorder with a mini shoe. Both color coatings are equally durable.

The silver colored adapter is shown on the HF100.

Removable Cube

The removable cube option is 3/8" / 10mm taller to accommodate a second knob so the cube top can be repurposed for other uses. 


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