BATT-VL-XLR V-Lock Battery Mount Plate With XLR Cord

$ 159.99

This V-Lock Mount battery plate mounts V-Lock compatible batteries and devices to all DM-Accessories Shoulder kits with a Pivoting Back Plate.

The standard cable is about 18" / 45cm long with a Neutrik right angle 4 pin XLR connector that plugs into the F3's power jack. There is one D-Tap socket on the right edge.

V-Lock plates can be made with custom cord lengths can be made for a small additional cost.  Contact us to specify cord length. Please allow a few extra days for custom parts to ship.

This battery plate includes screws for mounting to the F3 shoulder kit with the pivoting back plate available for DM-Accessories shoulder kits. Alternative screws can be provided for using this battery mount plate with other projects, please contact us.

For your convenience, if you order this product along with a kit including a pivoting plate, we will pre-install the battery plate to the pivoting plate, unless you request otherwise by email or phone.

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