BATT-AB Anton Bauer Gold Mount Plate (QRC-DIGITAL)

$ 139.99

This is a genuine Anton-Bauer Gold Mount battery plate, Anton/Bauer part number QRC-DIGITAL with an extra insulating shield and M3 mount screws and washers*. It mounts the Dionic 90 and all other Gold Mount batteries and devices. There is one P-Tap socket on the top edge to power a light, monitor or other device.

There is NO cord or power converter in this plate. There are internal wires included for making electrical connections.

This battery plate includes screws and an insulating shield for mounting to DM-Accessories shoulder kits.

For your convenience, if you order this product along with a kit including a pivoting plate, your battery plate will be pre-installed onto the pivoting plate, unless you request otherwise.

*alternate hardware provided on request

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