BATT-2BPU-XLR - Dual BP-U battery plate with XLR power cable

$ 209.99

This is a dual battery plate kit for Sony BP-U30 and BP-U60 batteries for use on F3-SHOULDER with the pivoting back plate option, or for other devices with XLR connectors. The standard version includes approximately 50cm / 20" of cord with a right angle XLR power connector for the Sony F3 cameras.  This allows the user to add battery life while retaining their existing investment in their BP-U batteries.  The batteries are protected from each other with circuit protection, and provided one mounted battery has charge, the other battery can be swapped while the camera is operating.

Counting a battery in the camera, this allows three batteries to power an F3, nearly tripling the run time without this battery plate.

Other protections include individual battery latch releases and each battery plate has terminal guards to prevent accidental pin damage.

A metal back plate allows for secure mounting.

Compatible with pivoting back plates shipped from DM-Accessories after April 12, 2010.  No other products are known to be compatible with this plate, however, custom accommodations might be made on request.

For your convenience, if this product is ordered with a shoulder kit including a pivoting plate, the order will ship with the battery preinstalled plate to the pivoting plate, unless otherwise requested by email or phone.

See the BATT-2BPU-EX product page if you want a dual BPU battery plate to power an EX1, EX1R or EX3.

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