200-SHOE - Mounts for Sony PMW-200 and 300

$ 29.99

NEW for 2015: now PMW-300 compatible

This product replaces the stock shotgun mount on Sony PMW-200 and PMW-300 cameras with a universal cold shoe mount to allow the user to either replace the damaged shotgun mount or to allow the use of shotgun mount with better isolation.

200-SHOE mounts are custom machined from aluminum specifically for the PMW-200 and 200, and powder coated matte black for durability. The package also includes replacement screws needed to mount this adapter. No modifications to the camera are needed to install this mount adapter. 200-SHOE can be used with or without the bracket and mount block for the WiFi adapter.

A #1 Philips screwdriver in good condition is needed to remove the original and install this replacement.

Please see other products compatible with PMW cameras by clicking here.

Known compatible shotgun mic shock mounts:

Audio Technica AT875 - kit includes mic, suspension shock mount and audio cable
Røde SM3
K-Tek K-CAM-SM (for mic diameters from 19 to 25mm)
Azden SMH-1
Sennheiser MZS-CAM

These are not endorsements of any particular brands or products, the user should determine what suits their needs and equipment.

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