Ultimaker 2/2+ Series High Temperature Hot End Upgrade Kit

$ 99.99

This hot end kit enables 3d printing polycarbonates, nylons, Ultem™ (PEI), PEEK and most other high temperature thermoplastics, and yet still prints more conventional plastics such as PLA, PETG, and ABS, with ease. This system was tested up to 400˚C extrusion temperatures and 85˚C ambient temperatures.

This listing is for heat sink, hot end heater block, heat break. The kit uses a stock heater, sensor & fans already in the machine. Nozzles are extra. Changing filament size requires new a bowden tube, fittings, and extruder. A firmware upgrade is needed to enable high temperature use and if changing extruders.

This system uses E3D Kraken / Chimera style heat breaks, E3D style or compatible heat blocks and E3D style or compatible nozzles, such as the nozzle included with an Olsson block.

Made in the USA by DM-Accessories.

This system does not affect the machine's usable build area or build height, and it reuses existing parts whenever possible.

Compatible machines:
Ultimaker 2
Ultimaker 2+
Ultimaker 2 Extended
Ultimaker 2+ Extended
Ultimaker 2 Go
Ultimaker clones and other 3d printers using 35mm square crossing gantry carriage blocks should be compatible.

Please email for more information on this product ordering.

Ultem™ is a trademark of SABIC. DM-Accessories upgrades for Ultimaker 3D printers are not endorsed or tested by Ultimaker or any other brand.

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