BATT-1BPU - Battery plate for Sony BP-U and compatible batteries

$ 59.99 - $ 99.99

This battery plate allows the mounting of Sony BP-U30, BP-U60 and compatible batteries to DM-Accessories shoulder kits.

The back plate is aluminum with a durable powder coat, with hole patterns for the shoulder kits and 1/4"-20 threaded holes for mounting on a tripod or a custom rig.  The top plate has spring cover to protect the electrical contacts and a positive latch that does not release the battery unless the release button is pressed.

This plate is offered without a cord for use with non-Sony batteries that have an EX compatible cord on them.  Be sure to buy extension cords for this use.  The plate has wiring enclosed for future powering options, but no external cord is included.

The plate with a cord is offered in 15" / 38cm length with right angle EX cord end for use with DM-Accessories EX3 shoulder kit with pivoting back plates, or a 33" / 84cm length with right angle EX cord end for common custom rig projects.

The plate with an XLR connection allows the powering of a Sony F3 camera or other device with an XLR-type power connector.  Email or call with the desired cable length, be sure to account for cable routing and some slack in your requested length.

Battery shown for example only, the battery is not included.

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