EX Camera Products

Products that are compatible with one or more of the Sony EX series of video cameras.

Anton Bauer Gold Mount plate for PXW-X160 / X180
Anton/Bauer PowerTap Multi 4-Jack Splitter
BATT-1BPU - Battery plate for Sony BP-U and compatible batteries
BATT-2BPU-EX - Dual BP-U battery plate with EX power cable
BATT-AB-EX Anton Bauer Gold Mount plate for EX1, EX1R, EX3, Z280
BATT-VL-EX V-Lock Battery Mount plate for EX Cameras
BEC-185 for Lectrosonics 185, 187 and 190
BEC-195 for Lectrosonics 195 and more
BEC-500 Wireless box for Sennheiser EW 100 and 500
BEC-AZ320 for Azden 320 and 330
BEC-NFD Nano Flash Drop Box
BNC Panel for Shoulder Plate
BOT-FLAT Handle or Underside Camera Shoe Mount
Cable Clip for Shoulder Kits
CORD-EX - Power Cord with EX Compatible Right Angle Connector
CORD-EX-EXT Extension Cord for EX cameras
CORD-EX-Y - Two input Power Cord with EX Right Angle Connector
CORD-PTAP-EX - Power TAP Power Cord
EX-FLAT - Shoe Mounts for Sony EX1 & EX3 Cameras
EX1 / EX1R Shoulder Kit

EX1 / EX1R Shoulder Kit

$ 269.99 - $ 349.99


EX1 Reinforcement Plate
EX1R Reinforcement Plate
EX3-PLATE Reinforcement Plate for EX3 Cameras
EX3-SHOULDER Shoulder Brace For EX3 Cameras
EX3-SHOULDER upgrade for EX3-PLATE
EX3-TI Replacement Tripod Insert for EX3
Handle for shoulder kits

Handle for shoulder kits

$ 119.99 - $ 141.99


JACK-EX-PM Panel mount jack for EX connectors
PBP Pivoting Back Plate Upgrade for shoulder kits
Quick Release Plate for Shoulder Pads
Røde SM3 Suspension Type Microphone Shock Mount
Shoulder Kit Front Plate