Pro Series Base Plate

$ 11.99 - $ 14.99

The standard PRO-BASE is a replacement base for the PRO series bottom loading adapters. It is about 2.25” wide and 3” long (5.7cm x 7.6cm).

The PRO-BASE-LARGE is plate is a large base plate meant to work with the PRO series adapters. The base plate is approximately 3” wide and 5.25” long (7.6cm x 13.3cm), and allows for free-standing placement on any horizontal surface with most light camcorders using the PRO series adapter.

The DM-Accessories PRO-series bottom loading adapters include: PROT, PROAT, PROT-MINI & PROAT-MINI, as well as the discontinued PRO and PROA bottom loading adapters.

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