Wrap Around Mount 25 for Canon FS10, FS100, others

$ 29.99

This adapter offers a way to mount a microphone or light on the Canon FS10 and FS100, which do not offer any form of shoe mount. It also works with Canon HF10, HF11, HF100, HF110 or nearly any camcorder less than 2 1/2" / 63mm tall at the point of the tripod mount. The WAM25 sits flush with the front face of the FS10 and FS100. The last picture in the gallery shows the WAM25 on an HF100, sitting forward of flush, but does not encroach on the image, even when the zoom is set to the widest angle. Shotgun mics with up to 8" extension to the front will work and not show in the image even when the camcorder is set to its widest angle.

This adapter is not compatible with:

Canon M31
Canon HF S10, HF S100 and other "HF S" models.

This mount still allows for easy tripod mounting and handheld use. A removable set screw acts as an alignment pin for camcorders with an alignment pin pocket, but can be removed for camcorders without an alignment pin pocket.

This mount is made of aluminum and given a durable powder coating in satin black or silver.

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