UNI-POST - Universal shoe to 1/4"-20 Mail Tripod Thread Adapter

$ 29.99

The UNI-POST adapts a device with a female 1/4"-20 thread (the most common tripod thread size) to most camera shoe mounts.

This adapter does not pass along any electrical power or signal such as flash trigger, audio, etc.

This adapter is also compatible with hot shoes that use the universal mount shoe, such as Sony’s IAS (Intelligent Accessory Shoe). IAS should not be confused with Sony’s AIS (Active Interface Shoe), which is smaller and completely non-standard. Please check your camcorder or your camcorder’s manual to be sure which one it has before purchasing. DM-Accessories also offers AIS-POST (pre-2013 Sony Handycams), MIS-POST (new Sony Handycams) and CMS-POST (Canon Vixia).

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