EX3-TI Replacement Tripod Insert for EX3

$ 49.99

This replacement tripod insert a more durable replacement for the stock tripod insert plate in the Sony PMW-EX3 camera, for the user that finds their tripod insert is damaged or broken.  It also upgrades the earlier camera stock tripod insert plates with one that has two threaded tripod holes.

This part is machined from a solid piece of aluminum and anodized for scratch resistance and durability.  The machined part is thicker and stronger than the original die cast part.

This kit also includes a #0 Philips screwdriver and and two sets of replacement screws, one set of screws if the existing threaded holes are still good, another, slightly larger set of screws if any of the holes are stripped of their threads.

This kit does not replace the need for a reinforcement plate for maximum durability.

This plate is not known to be compatible with any other camera.


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