EX3-SHOULDER Shoulder Brace For EX3 Cameras

$ 249.99 - $ 329.99

Note: Mounted accessories are for example only and are sold separately: batteries, battery plates and wireless boxes and equipment

The shoulder pads are leather-wrapped foam, as shown in the first four photos.This kit includes a reinforcement plate and a shoulder brace designed specifically for Sony’s PMW-EX3 cameras. It adds rigidity to the camera when on a tripod in a way that the stock tripod thread cannot, and provides a very comfortable shoulder rest.

Standard shoulder brace includes:

  • EX3-PLATE reinforcement plate
  • Shoulder Plate

Shoulder brace with pivoting back plate includes:

  • EX3-PLATE reinforcement plate
  • Shoulder Plate
  • Pivoting Accessory Plate to mount accessories (accessories NOT included in price)
  • 1 cable clip, can tie down 2 cables

The long version of the shoulder pad substitutes a longer shoulder plate.

Note: These kits do not include battery plates, batteries or wireless box. 

The shoulder rest can be removed from the reinforcement plate by removing four securing captive screws, and is easily reinstalled.

The parts are machined from aluminum, given a machine finish and anodized black for appearance, scratch resistance and durability. The shoulder pad is laser cut from a durable adhesive backed water resistant foam.

This product offers several 1/4" and 3/8" tripod screw mount points, as well as multiple patterns for wedge plates and rod mount kits.

The shoulder mount is compatible with the stock cheek plate and stock shoulder pad. It is also compatible with some products that use the cheek plate’s mounting points, such as Anton Bauer QR-EX3 and BeBob COCO-EX3-V battery mounts, though the pivoting accessory plate might not be compatible.

The base product weighs about 21 ounces / 600 grams, and may be shipped partially assembled. Final assembly and installation should take 5 to 10 minutes.

The length of the stock camera with shoulder brace without the pivoting plate, or with the pivoting plate closed is about 20" / 51cm.

The bundle with the pivoting back plate weighs about 37oz / 1kg.

Long shoulder plate
This allows more comfortable use by taller operators, and allows more accessories to be mounted if the pivoting accessory plate is purchased. The longer shoulder plate is about 2" longer than the standard shoulder plate, for a total of 22" from the tip of the stock sun shade to the rear of the closed shoulder kit.

Optional Pivoting Accessory Plate
Also called a pivoting back plate, it supports Anton-Bauer Gold mount plates, V-Lock battery mount plates, IDX, BP-U mount plates as well as most wireless radio boxes. The plate swings back to allow easy access to the jacks on the back of the camera, and can also serve as a counterbalance. The longer Sony BP-U60 battery will work with the pivoting plate, but BP-U60 might not fit if a wireless box is mounted directly to the pivoting plate. A wireless box should be compatible if you choose the long shoulder plate. Battery plates and wireless radio boxes are not included. The pivoting back plate is also compatible with Nano Flash, please contact us to receive a mounting screw for your needs.

Pivot Clip for Pivoting Accessory Plate
The pivot clip is offered so the pivoting accessory plate can be latched rearward.  This item was added in 2010.  Without the clip, gravity normally holds the plate back, the clip holds the plate back with a simple catch that is released by pulling a knob.  Those without the pivot clip can request their kit be upgraded, please email us.

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The battery, battery plate, wireless radio and radio box are extra. The camera, battery equipment and wireless equipment are shown for example only.

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